Help Out A Great School With A Great Teacher

Hi everyone.  This has absolutely nothing to do with writing, but my good friend Larry is attempting to get his marching band new uniforms.  He’s a band instructor at a school in Pennsylvania where, before he got there, the band had no budget.  Since he’s been teaching at the school, the music program has quadrupled in size because of his efforts.  The budget, however, has undergone no such multiplication.

He is currently running in a Pepsi-sponsored competition of your classic most-votes-win variety.  If you have the time, here are the steps you can take to help him out.  There are 3 ways to vote and you can vote once a day using each method:


1) Text – text the number 106939 to 73774
2) Register with your e-mail (instructions below)
3) Login with your facebook account


Registering by email:

1.  Go to

2.  Register, confirm your email address, and log in.

3. will take you to their page

4.  Click vote!


Please pass this on to as many people who meet the following requirements:

– They have fingers.

– They like music

– They are not demons

Thanks everyone!

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