Welcome To All the Daily Science Fiction Clickers

Hey everyone – I’ve been getting a huge amount of hits today from Daily Science Fiction’s newsletter that contained my story “Spoons”.  Welcome to my website!

If you’d like to contact me about anything (particularly if you happen to be from a major publishing company looking to pick up a plucky young author who writes 150,000 word fantasy novels in 30 days…), send me an email at joseph(dot)zieja(at)gmail.com.

Welcome to everyone – I hope you enjoy poking around my little internet hovel.

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  1. Unfortunately not an agent or publisher … just about to be published though … does that count?

    Loved the story, the individuality of the spoons layered over the Orwellian society, clean imagery.

    150,000 words in 30 days eh? You don’t like to sleep?

    Take Care


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