In the Shadow of Legends

In the Shadow of Legends.

“A young man goes in search of the truth behind his notorious grandfather’s story, only to discover that unmasking a legend is much more difficult than making one of your own.”

Word #1:  Written on November 1st, 2011.

Word #232,507:  Written on March 7th, 2012.

It feels good completing another novel, making it my third since November of 2010, totaling over 500,000 words and not including any of the shorter works I’ve done in between.  That’s a LOT of typing.

I learned a lot this time around, and I know that my education is really only beginning.  Now it goes away into a drawer for at least a month.  Why?  Because a story to an author when it’s just been written is like a newborn baby.  Other people know it’s ugly, but you can’t see anything but perfection.  Plus, I want to be able to revel in the fact that I finished writing a book the length of a Wheel of Time novel without having to immediately go back and reread it.

I’m a little concerned about the length of this one.  In print it would be something close to 680 pages, I think, and apparently publishers don’t like big novels for their debut authors.  I might be able to trim it down a bit, but it’s an epic through and through.  I can’t apologize for it.

I began writing this post with the idea that I would sort of have a triumphant yet reflective ramble about my book.  But here I am, looking at the empty white board next to my desk, wondering what the next one will look like instead.  The beauty, they say, is in the journey, not the destination.

Thanks to everyone that helped me through this one by being sounding boards and cheerleaders, especially my writing buddy J.D. Lerud and my wife.

We’re a long way off from this yet, but if you are interested in being a test reader for my novel, please do let me know.  I’ll probably be ready for human eyes to see it in about three months.  Feedback is just as important to a writer than the actual writing part, and I’d love to hear your comments.

Well, the white board is calling.

Be good,



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  1. Congrats,

    That is a monumental feat. I’d be down with being a test reader if you’d like. Also, i was curious as to if you’ve looked into publishing through amazon or anything like that yet and what your views on that would be. Steph says hi by the way.

    John graham

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