A Short Discussion of Self Worth and Fried Eggs

A few days ago I woke up feeling like a failure and a fool.  From the moment I opened my eyes, it just sank into my brain like a thick, black poison that whispered negativity into my ear – I wasn’t even a good person.  Why in the world had I traveled halfway across the world to go to a convention where nobody knew me, nobody wanted to know me, and if introduced, nobody would want to talk to me any further than that.  I was a sham.  A fraud.  An impostor.  Hopelessly awkward, arrogant, and worthless.  I was an expert at riding the cusp of failure, always floating just above the surface with such a lack of grace that it would have been better just to stop flailing and go under. I was an also-ran.  An almost-achiever.  I’d never sell a book, which was good, because everything I’d ever written was derivative trash, easily outshone by Buzzfeed articles with a GIF for every rejection letter I’d ever received.  I’d never land a network commercial voiceover project.  No one wanted to listen to my music – why would they?  It was all crap.  Everything I had ever done was crap.  I was crap.

And then I ate breakfast.

Guys.  Don’t skip breakfast.

This changes everything.

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  1. Ah yes, the tomatoes. Enjoy yourself at Worldcon, and don’t worry too much. I suspect most of the other people there also suffer from at least a dollop of imposter syndrome. Most nice and accomplished people do.

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