A Little Primer On The New Page

Hi everyone,

This will be a short article, but there have been lots of changes recently on all of my social media platforms, to include facebook, twitter, and both of my webpages. There are some people that are confused because they thought I was a voice actor and then found a link to my books, or thought I was a parkour guy and they can’t seem to find any pictures of me jumping through windows on my voiceover site.

I get it. So here’s a short summary:

My name is Joe Zieja (sounds like zebra with a J instead of a BR). I’m a voice actor based out of LA. That’s what I do full time. The hyperlink there takes you to my webpage that is exclusively for voiceover stuff; you hear demos and check out samples of my work, etc. I’ve done commercials, audiobooks, promos, and video games and it’s ridiculously fun.

But I’m also an author. My first book, MECHANICAL FAILURE, is a sci fi space opera that comes out next June from Simon and Schuster’s new imprint, Saga Press. In addition, I’m a contributor for Duffel Blog, which is the Onion for the military. I’m a veteran of the Air Force and a satire author, so it seemed only natural.

This page, the one you’re on now, is the home for all of my book-related stuff, but you’re going to see lots of crossover from the voiceover site.  You’ll find that if you click on any voiceover link, it’ll probably take you to you my voiceover page.

I used to have everything very separate, but I’ve recently merged nearly everything because I realized that I’m not really a voice actor and I’m not really an author – I’m Joe Zieja, and I do a lot of different things. So you’re going to see blog entries about music (I’m a video game composer on the side and I do lots of stuff for OverClocked Remix, a video game music remixing site), parkour, science fiction and fantasy, voice acting, and general thoughts about life and the crazy mess of us trying to figure out how the hell to navigate it.

My Twitter feed and my Facebook page are not divided – you’ll see links to voiceover projects, one-liners, news about books, and general random thoughts, most of which revolve around a geek subculture, because, at the center of it all, I’m just a big nerd.

Anyway, welcome to the new website and thanks for hanging around! Leave comments or questions below and feel free to share.


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