It took a bit, but we’ve finally decided on the winners of the Mechanical Failure contest! Thank you to everyone for your great entries to the contest. We’ll be contacting the winners directly for prize redemption and to copy edit all of my future diary entries. Here are the results. In the TRAILER category: 1st: […]

Hi everyone! I’ve been a bit out of touch lately gearing up for the launch as well as a billion other things going on in my multiple careers that all seemed to happen at the same time. Can you believe MECHANICAL FAILURE launches tomorrow? I’ve heard reports that copies have already made their way onto […]

Hi everyone! I’ve gotten some amazing responses on the Mechanical Failure Voiceover Mad Libs contest. So much so that I’m extending it for one more week! If you’re not familiar, head back to the original blog post for the rules and prizes, as well as links to how to submit your entry! Don’t forget that […]

UPDATE! Everyone is having so much fun that I’m extending the contest. You can see current submissions here. ______________ Hi everyone! I’m still super excited about my role as Fox McCloud, but I’m switching gears here for a minute. We have less than 45 days until the debut of my novel, MECHANICAL FAILURE. To celebrate and promote the […]